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International Speaker

For the past three decades, Ross Gilmour has helped organisations and individuals grow. A recognized authority on the psychology of motivation, safety, sleep and stress management.


All of our training programmes based on psychological principles and research together with many years of practical experience. While we offer some standard workshops most are tailor-made to meet client’s specific needs. We also assist clients to develop training programmes for their own use including e-learning programmes.

Safety Training

We have developed a niche market in the safety area with workshops that change safety cultures and safety behaviours. This include teaching participants how to programme their subconscious so that they continue to do tasks safely even when their concentration lapses.

Sleep for Shift workers

Over the last 30 years we have been helping shift workers (and non shift workers) to train their brain to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep until their chosen time to wake. Our unique programmes are based on proven sports psychology techniques that top athletes use to train their brain to succeed!

Ross has provided invaluable insight and support in the business transformation at Refining NZ. The introduction of solution language has opened thinking across the organisation and helped people to engage in and embrace change.–Ken Rivers, CEO, Refining NZ

Ross has demonstrated on many occasions his ability to effectively engage with all organisational levels from the CEO to the new start on the factory floor. This skill enables him to align organisational thinking allowing the business to optimise performance.–Frank McCutcheon, Principal Safety Consultant, Impac