Consultancy Services

Developing Training Programmes

We work with clients to develop training programmes that are facilitated by their own staff. This includes developing specific support material, eg DVDs and workbooks. We then train selected client personnel to facilitate the workshops. We also develop “stand alone” e-learning programmes. Both of these options can be a very cost effective way for a client to deliver high quality, tailored content to large numbers of staff.

Human Factors Consultancy

Obtaining independent professional Human Factors advice is particularly useful when an organisation is seeking to:

  • Change an organisational culture
  • Restructure
  • Introduce major new initiatives, particularly in the areas of safety and stress
  • Resolve conflicts between individuals or teams
  • Reduce organisational stress levels
  • Develop top performing teams
  • Overcome performance problems
  • Improve safety performance

To discuss these services or a particular people related issue that you may have, telephone +64-21 48 23 23