Public Speaking

Ross Gilmour: International Speaker

Ross Gilmour is one of New Zealand’s most admired and well travelled professional speakers. A Psychologist and human performance expert his skill , enhanced by decades of scientific and practical discovery, is in transforming the behaviours of people and businesses. This is achieved by changing attitudes, leadership coaching, improving relationships, connecting people, managing change, innovation, and by enhancing team dynamics.

Over the last 30 years Ross has worked with diverse businesses and individuals including: CEOs, managers, researchers, technicians, public sector personnel, police officers, fire-fighters, oil riggers, factory staff, construction personnel, teachers, medical professionals and some elite athletes.

Ross uses a combination of theory and practical experience in clinical, sports and organisational psychology to help business leaders achieve the results they need – by getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about and aligned with corporate goals and vision.


A passionate Kiwi, Ross Gilmour has a unique ability to connect and engage with his audiences. Within a few short minutes, he breaks down the barriers that may separate people through funny, energising and practical presentations that facilitate changes in behaviour and move your audience to action.

Ross is a powerful keynote speaker and workshop presenter. People walk away from his sessions feeling inspired, with new skills and techniques – so they behave and think differently. His sound research and intelligent assessment of what it takes to achieve your goals, has ensured that Ross is in demand internationally as a speaker.

All his presentations are high energy, funny and practical and have serious, meaningful messages told through entertaining and memorable stories and activities. He is a master at carefully orchestrating each presentation to ensure it links into your key business drivers, maximising return on investment. With Ross’s skills in group dynamics, relevant content and humour, attendees remember him as “a great speaker that impacted on their life”.

Ross Gilmour has a Masters degree in psychology and is a qualified and registered NZ psychologist. Prior to establishing his own business over 25 years ago he worked in the Human Resources field and as a Justice Department Psychologist providing counselling services to prisoners and probationers.

Ross Speaks About

Ross speaks on a wide variety of topics that are all related to ‘people skills’. He provides people with an understanding of the ‘Why’, not just the ‘How’ and ‘What’ to do. The topics he regularly speaks on include:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Safety
  • Sleep & Shiftwork
  • Stress and lifestyle
  • Managing Change