We have been teaching people how to change safety behaviours and safety cultures for over twenty years with impressive results. For instance, we trained over 1500 TOTAL™ UK personnel and contractors and in an independent survey where TOTAL™ UK employees were asked to identify things that had promoted them to change their safety behaviours and attitude – attending Gilmour Consulting workshops ranked second (Having ,or being involved in an accident came second- but this is not the way organisations want people to learn!)

We assist organisations implement behaviour based safety systems, however, our real speciality is assisting clients move to the next steps. This includes teaching people how to:

  • Make safety messages safe
  • Develop safe subconscious actions
  • Take personal responsibility for safety
  • Implement 24 hour safety, where they consistently behave safely at work and at home
  • Address Alcohol and Drug issues
  • Develop the confidence and skills to raise safety issues with others

We also teach Leaders (from CEO’s to Team Leaders) strategies and skills for:

  • Changing organisational safety cultures
  • Implementing behaviour based safety systems
  • Resolving safety performance issues with individuals and teams
  • Overcoming “push backs” to safety policies and procedures
  • Holding safety conversations with individuals and teams

While the core psychological principles our safety training is based on remain consistent in our training programmes, we always use client and industry specific examples in our workshops. We also use a range of private life examples that participants relate to. This means that when people leave our workshops they have the ability to immediately apply the skills they have just acquired

We work with clients throughout New Zealand and Australia and also in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The industries we work in include:

  • Oil and Gas (Exploration and Production)
  • Electricity and Gas (Generation to household connections)
  • Manufacturing
  • Road and civil works
  • Construction
  • Ports and Shipping