Our interest in the field of sleep goes back into the early 1980’s when Ross was doing psychological counselling with individuals. He was referred a number of people with sleep problems and was encouraging them to apply traditional sleep techniques, e.g. maintaining regular hours, setting up a comfortable sleeping environment, avoiding caffeine several hours before bed, etc. Unfortunately these techniques only achieved limited success. He then decided to apply some of the key principles for sports psychology to sleep. The results were impressive!

Based on these successes Ross and his team developed a SLEEP WELL programme that teaches people how to:

  • Fall asleep quickly
  • Stay asleep once asleep
  • Get back to sleep quickly if you happen to wake
  • Wake feeling refreshed

Sleep for Shiftworkers

We have been conducting sleep programmes for shiftworkers since the mid 1980’s and New Zealand OSH legislation fatigue as a Hazard that organisations are responsible for managing, has created a renewed interest in this area. Our “SLEEP WELL – Regardless of the shifts you work programme contains the same skills as outlined above (i.e. How to Fall asleep quickly, stay asleep once asleep, get back to sleep quickly if you happen to wake and wake feeling refreshed) It also teaches people how to

  • Sleep through noise (but also wake to unsafe sounds)
  • Sleep well even when it’s daylight

The exact content and length of the workshops for shiftworkers vary as clients frequently want to include information on:

  • Designing Shifts that work will for employees and the employer
  • The impact of diet on shiftwork
  • Maintain good relationships with your spouse/partner and children
  • How to cope well with shiftwork as we age
  • Tips for making small changes to your environment to assist you sleep

Our follow-up surveys indicate over 70% of the people use the programme find it beneficial.

Customer feedback includes:

  • Thank you, this is starting to change my life for the better and I find applying the same principles to other situations is just as helpful.
  • This is something I wish I could of had a couple of years ago. I have asked doctors for years if there was anything like this around but all they want to do is whack you on antidepressants and send you off which I believe is happening to hundreds of others out there.
  • Since I have started your programme I have to say I am no longer tossing and turning for an hour or two before I actually get off to sleep.