Change Management

Change Management

Our experience in assisting organisations undertake change management processes goes back to the mid-1980’s when we worked with many government departments as they restructured and implemented major changes. Most of these were associated with significant numbers of job losses as the departments ‘downsized’. Since that time we have had ongoing work with government departments and have also been involved with numerous mergers and restructurings in private organisations and SOE’s (State Owned Enterprises).

The training we conduct in this area falls into two categories. The first category is targeted at those managers and supervisors who lead and implement the changes, it includes topics such as:

  • Managing and motivating staff during change (including when your own job is at risk)
  • How to get staff ‘on board’ when restructuring
  • Informing staff of job losses
  • Debriefing workshops for change management teams

The second category is workshops to support people during a change process, these include:

  • Taking charge of change (which has an emphasis on how to do well out of change regardless of what happens)
  • How to ensure your CV gets you invited to interviews
  • How to succeed in job interviews
  • Positive strategies for dealing with a job loss – should it occur.