Management training

Management Training

The management training programmes that we conduct vary from three day workshops (usually consisting of three single days separated by a 4 week gap to enable participants an opportunity to practice the skills and report back), through to half day sessions. The focus of these programmes is to teach participants core principles for motivating and managing people.

We tend to concentrate on areas not covered in ‘traditional’ management training. For instance, managers are often taught to give feedback to their staff, and we add to this by explaining the highly predictable outcomes if they become too busy to give feedback. We explain factors such as – how managers can become a sinking sensation in staff members’ stomachs (and vice versa) together with strategies to ensure this does not occur. We also focus on skills such as – how to chat to someone and quickly identify what motivates or demotivates the person; how to use questions to focus staff members’ attention on specific areas, etc.

The programmes are popular because we not only explain the theory behind the skills, we also give many day to day examples of how the principles and skills can be applied, not just at work, but in people’s private lives.