Safety Training

Safety Training

We have developed a niche market teaching people how to change safety behaviours and safety cultures. There are two particular aspects that make our approach unique. First we teach people how to make safe messages and instructions safe. This is important as many safety signs and emergency instructions are worded in ways that are unsafe, e.g. “Don’t panic”, “Don’t run”, “Don’t use the lifts”. They are unsafe because when people are stressed they increase the likelihood that people will panic, run and use the lift.

It’s also common for people to unintentionally give others instructions that increase the likelihood that they will do the wrong action when they are stressed or not concentrating. An example of this is “You must never put your hand in there or you will lose your fingers”. We therefore teach people how to give themselves and others instructions that result in them doing the right actions.

The second unique aspect of our approach is a strong focus on teaching people how to programme their subconscious so that they continue to do a job safely even if their concentration lapses. Furthermore, we show them how they can set their brain up so it gives them warnings if they start doing a task incorrectly. (People who always wear seat belts in vehicles experience this feeling if they end up in a vehicle without seat belts).

We incorporate these concepts into a range of our safety programmes. The titles vary e.g. (“Making Safety Messages Safe”, “Turning Safe Actions into Subconscious Habits”, “Applying Solution Thinking Principles to Safety” and “Taking Personal Responsibility for Safety”. The length of the workshop also varies as does the amount of content on other aspects of safety that is included e.g. Hazard Identification; Behavioural Based Safety Techniques; Raising Safety Issues with Workmates; Developing a 24 hour Approach to Safety; Address Alcohol & Drug Issues.

Because the core concepts have a much wider application than just safety, we also show people how to apply the principles to all aspects of work, sport, relationships, children and to become more effective at achieving their goals.

We also conduct workshops for Leaders that provide them with effective strategies and skills for:

  • Changing Organisational Safety Cultures
  • Implementing Behaviour Based Safety Systems
  • Resolving Safety Performance Issues with Individuals and Teams