Sleep Management Training

Sleep Management Training

The sleep management programmes that we have developed are based on proven sports psychology techniques that top athletes use and they are very effective!

Sleep Well

Sleep problems are extremely common; indeed research indicates that over 25% of people in the western world experience periods of insomnia in any given year. Our programme is not for people who have specialised sleep problems i.e. sleep apnoea or narcolepsy. Instead it’s for otherwise healthy people who have problems getting off to sleep, staying asleep or both.

The adapted sports psychology principles that we teach enable people to re-programme their brain so that they:

  • Go to sleep quickly
  • Stay asleep once asleep
  • Sleep through noise – including snoring
  • Wake feeling refreshed

Sleep Well for Shift Workers

We teach shift workers how to re-programme their brain so that they are able to:

  • Go to sleep quickly – even when it’s daylight
  • Stay asleep once asleep
  • Sleep through all household and neighbour noises, but still wake to unsafe noises
  • Wake felling refreshed
  • Power nap

We also offer training in how to: design shifts that work well for both employees and the employer; maintain good relationships whilst working shifts; manage diet effectively and how to cope well with shift work as people age.